Preconfigured Modular Room

Salle informatique modulaire assemblée sur site qui combine modularité et possibilité de personnaliser la taille et la forme. Offre une salle informatique sécurisée, résistant au feu et étanche, extrêmement flexible et facile à configurer

Modular, assemble-on-site IT room combining modularity with the freedom to customize size and shape. Offers a secure, fire-rated, water proof IT room that is highly flexible and configurable.

Perfect enclosure for EcoStruxure Pod solutions

  • Provides physical protection and clean environment

Fast and Easy to Install
  • Fast delivery and installation
  • Clean future expansion

Flexible and Configurable
  • Different models available for each specific requirement
  • Adaptability to dimensions and shapes of existing building room

Secure IT Room anywhere
  • Fire protection
  • Water proof
  • High impact and weight resistant structure

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