Easy UPS 3S Empty Modular Battery Cabinet

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  • Modular battery cabinet for extended runtime for UPSs with internal batteries. The cabinet is supplied without batteries, so batteries must be purchased separately...

  • Includes: All connections for adjacent installation with UPS, Installation guide

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E3SXR6 Features

Easy UPS 3S Empty Modular Battery Cabinet
Modular battery cabinet for extended runtime for UPSs with internal batteries. The cabinet is supplied without batteries, so batteries must be purchased separately. Up to six battery strings (E3SBT4 or E3SBTH4) can be installed in the cabinet.
Includes: All connections for adjacent installation with UPS, Installation guide

Easy UPS 3S Features & Benefits


Parallel capability
Multiple units can be placed in parallel to meet power capacity and redundancy requirements
Replaceable dust filters
protect the UPS in harsh environments.
Optional SNMP Card
When you purchase the SNMP card, you can monitor and manage UPS status remotely through the UPS Web interface or through EcoStruxure IT's cloud-based and on-premise software suites. Click here for more information about EcoStruxure IT.
Wide Input Voltage Window
Saves your battery power for when you really need it - during power cuts!


Easy to install fast
Quickly roll the compact and lightweight UPS into position.
Intuitive user interface
The intuitive graphical user interface allows for easy system configuration.
Easy Loop Test
Verifies UPS performance before you connect your load, without the need for a load bank.
Front-access servicing
Simplifies installation and UPS maintenance while minimizing space requirements.
Straightforward installation
Including the input, output, and bypass breakers, as well as the Emergency Power Off (EPO) switch, simplifies installation planning and speeds up deployment.
ECO Mode
Operating mode that by-passes unused electrical components in good power conditions to achieve high operating efficiency without sacrificing protection

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