IT Modules

Prefabricated IT modules available in a large range of sizes and configurations to provide simple and easy to deploy data center infrastructure for any application

Modular, assemble-on-site IT room combining modularity with the freedom to customize size and shape. Offers a secure, fire-rated, water proof IT room that is highly flexible and configurable.

Perfect enclosure for EcoStruxure Pod solutions
  • Provides physical protection and clean environment

Fast and Easy to Install
  • Fast delivery and installation
  • Clean future expansion

Flexible and Configurable
  • Different models available for each specific requirement
  • Adaptability to dimensions and shapes of existing building room

Secure IT Room anywhere
  • Fire protection
  • Water proof
  • High impact and weight resistant structure
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Modular Data Halls provide a scalable, data center infrastructure solution for service providers and enterprise customer deploying in 50-100 rack increments with the ability to easily add future capacity. The solution consists of factory-built IT modules with 14-15 racks, ganged together on-site, with minimal construction, to form a large, functional IT room. Locate the data center outside or into a simple building shell as a stand-alone system that has physical security, power and cooling redundancy, and can be remotely monitored and managed with a full suite of EcoStruxure software. - Decrease risk with a pre-engineered, fully managed system - Preserve CapEx by growing infrastructure with demand - Adjust plans for future expansions with repeatable and flexible designs
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All-In-One Modules and Containers offer a practical alternative for building a new or expanding existing IT space. Minimize construction costs and complexity by having your IT space built offsite, in a factory environment. Facilities such as hospitals, universities, and automated factories can benefit from an All-In-One solution by reclaiming valuable space for their core operation and locating the data center outside the building or even in a remote location. Each solution contains a complete data center infrastructure solution and integrated monitoring and managment system through EcoStruxure IT Expert software.
  • Decrease risk with a pre-engineered, fully managed system
  • Adjust plans for future expansions with repeatable and flexible designs
  • Financially justify data center expansion through preservation of valuable building space
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SmartShelter Containers address the challenges of deploying datacenters in remote sites, industrial environments, and other locations where a dedicated building or space does not exist. Enable real-time processing and resolve latency and bandwidth issues by locating a datacenter closer to your operations. Benefit from the simplicity of an easy-to-deploy data center for a branch office, oil & gas site, mining operation, or forward operating military base.

- Decrease risk with a pre-engineered, fully managed system
- Flexibility to change data center growth as customers demands change
- Provide physical security to critical data
- Realize revenue or production sooner by deploying quickly anywhere in the world
- Deploy in remote areas with limited construction support.
- Repurpose valuable space for core business

SmartShelter Containers contain the entire data center physical infrastructure, completely assembled and tested in a single ISO shipping container, and provide a value option for a prefabricated data center
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