Advantage Max

Our Data Center Assessment will help you to know what are your Data Center operating conditions today, and make all optimization proposals to improve its performance and efficiency

Faced with business-critical responsibility, expanding workloads, evolving technologies, aging facilities, and increasing environmental regulations, managers of modestly sized data centers encounter limited floor space, inefficient power and cooling infrastructure, and rising operations cost — all the while under stricter budget constraints.

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Product ADVMAX2 Room Assessment Upgrade for (1) Data Center Room Part Number WUPGADVMAX2
How to buy
Energy efficiency and sustainability Understand the critical environment in your data center: operate at optimal performance, prevent problems before they occur and maximize data center uptime.
Cost Savings
IT and facility management monitoring Asset monitoring helps with preventive maintenance and component replacement to minimize budget requirements.
Reduce Operational Costs Optimize data center rooms, reducing OpEx while maximizing energy efficiency and information security.
Trending reports Renew the Advantage Max contract year-over-year for historical data (trending reports) allowing easily understanding of improvements done and new improvements needed.