Modular Power Distribution

Agile, Safe, Efficient Power distribution system for IT equipment in any size data center or high density zone

Modular Power Distribution mitigates the need to predict the future requirements and configurations of your data center. This visionary power distribution system is agile enough to match the needs of your data center today and enable rapid expansion or reconfiguration in the future. Power distribution management is simplified by output metering, branch current/circuit monitoring and auto-detection by the StruxureWare suite of management options. When demand rises and expansion becomes necessary, simply plug in new Power Distribution Modules. The factory-assembled modules, which include circuit breaker, power cord, and power connection, can be installed in mere minutes. There are multiple power ratings and power cord lengths for low to high power, guaranteeing compatibility and quick, easy, and convenient installation.

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Product APC Modular Rack Distribution Panel, 138kVA, 200A, 400V, 18 Pole, 5U Part Number PDPM138H-5U
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Product APC Modular Rack-mounted Distribution Panel, 138kVA, 200A, 400V, 18 Pole, 5U Part Number PDPM138H-R
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Product APC Modular Remote Power Panel, 277kVA, 400A, 400V, 72 Pole, 300mm Part Number PDPM277H
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Safety Enhance user safety with isolation at all touch points and with positive locking mechanisms that reduce the risk of accidental disconnection
Multiple distribution options Superior design flexibility enables a wide range of customer requirements to be addressed.
Toolless installation of breakers Install factory-assembled Power Distribution Modules in under ten minutes - no tools are required
System mobility Power distribution units can easily be relocated to accommodate a changing data center environment.
Smallest footprint Minimizes your real estate expenses
Ease of system expansion Power Distribution Modules provide an option to expand data center power distribution capability as power demands increase.
Modular design Provides fast serviceability and reduced maintenance requirements via self-diagnosing, field-replaceable modules.
Network management capability Full-featured network management interfaces that provide standards-based management via Web, SNMP, and Telnet.
Current Monitoring Monitors the aggregate current draw per power distribution unit.