Software Installation

Installation and registration of your data center management software in accordance to manufacturer specification.

Installation and registration of your newly purchased StruxureWare Data Center Software in accordance to manufacturer specification fulfilled by highly skilled field service engineers. Schneider Electric's team of certified engineers with broad data center knowledge, deep technical skills, and experience in industry best practices, offers the most extensive set of services allowing customers to maximize their investment in the StruxureWare Data Center Software products.

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Products Part Number
Product Netbotz Configuration Service in ISX Designer 1 Part Number WCONFIG1NB-NB-10
Product Netbotz Configuration Service in ISX Designer 2 Part Number WCONFIG2NB-NB-10
Product Data Center Management Software Configuration Base Service Part Number WNSC010101
Product Data Center Expert Basic Administration Part Number WNSC010102
Product Data Center Expert Advanced Administration Part Number WNSC010103
Product Data Center Mobile Installation Part Number WNSC010209
Product Data Center Operation Labeling Service Part Number WNSC010210
Product Data Center Operation Installation Part Number WNSC010212
Product Data Center Operation Addtional Module Installation Part Number WNSC010213
Product StruxureWare Data Center Cooling Optimize Installation Part Number WNSWCLOP
Professional expertise Ensures quality by using only APC Certified Engineers with several years of industry experience
Multiple levels of service With the option of packages or individual service components, our services are structured to allow you to pick and choose what you would like APC to do for you.
Best practices Allows users and data center professionals to learn from specifications generated by the world's leading experts on data center software
Labor and travel expenses included Travel and labor expenses are included in most service contracts. Please see the statement of work for the service specifics.
Saves time and money Reduces the need for expensive change orders
Vendor agnostic Receive an unbiased assessment and analysis with vendor-agnostic solution options.

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