APC Laptop Chargers

Universal, convenient charging for laptops

Charge, power and protect nearly any laptop with APC universal laptop chargers. Our laptop chargers are engineered with 36W to 65W of power and deliver a reliable charge to nearly every major laptop manufacturer, including Dell™, HP™, Acer™, ASUS™, Lenovo™ and Toshiba™. The interchangeable screwlock tips combined with a slim and portable design make the universal APC Laptop Chargers a convenient traveling companion for any journey.

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Produit APC AC Laptop Charger, 12V/36W, SAMSUNG Référence NP12V36W-SG Prix $36.00
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Produit APC AC Laptop Charger, 19V/36W, CHROME, 4 tips Référence NP19V36W-CR4TIPS Prix $36.00
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Produit APC AC Laptop Charger, 19V/65W, ACER, ASUS,TOSHIBA , 2 tips Référence NP19V65W-AAT2TIPS Prix $54.00
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Produit APC AC Laptop Charger, 19V/65W, DELL, 2 tips Référence NP19V65W-DL2TIPS Prix $54.00
Produit APC AC Laptop Charger, 19V/65W, HP, 4 tips Référence NP19V65W-H4TIPS Prix $54.00
Patented screwlock tips Durable screwlock tips to ensure you never leave your charger or accompanying tips behind.
Universal laptop compatibility Compatible with nearly any major brand of laptop.
Durability by design Screwlock mechanism ensures minimal wear and tear on critical components, effectively preserving your laptop’s charging port and your APC Laptop Charger.
Over charging protection Extends battery life by checking voltage and current, and automatically shutting down when laptop is fully charged.
Premium safety and efficiency All models come with 4 layers of premium power protection; including over-temperature protection, over-charging protection, over-voltage protection, and short-circuit protection.
Protection contre les courts-circuits Prevents battery from potential deformation by shutting down in the event of a shorted circuit.
Over temperature protection Protects your laptop and charger from overheating by discontinuing the charge when the battery temperature surpasses recommended levels.
Over voltage protection Prevents voltage spikes from reaching electronics by regulating the power when a transient load occurs.