APC Universal Transfer Switch Hardwire Kit


Description: Automatic, uninterruptible and intelligent transfer of power

Includes : Installation guide

UTSHW Features

APC Universal Transfer Switch Hardwire Kit

  • Multiple mounting methods
    Allows for standardization on one product for use in different environments.
  • TUV certified
    Meets UL 1008 Transfer Switch Standard.

Wall-mount Transfer Switches Features & Benefits

  • Installation wizard
    Guides you through the initial set-up and configuration of input power sources and circuits.
  • Adaptive Load Management (ALM)
    Patent-pending technology that intelligently monitors power usage and maximizes generator operating efficiency.
  • LCD display
    Alpha-Numeric Display which displays system parameters and alarms.
  • LED status indicators
    Quickly understand unit and power status with visual indicators.
  • Convenience outlet
    Powers and charges a UPS or other 120V input power source.
  • UPS compatible
    Uniquely designed to accept input power from any single phase, 120V power source such as a UPS, solar panel or other alternative energy power inputs.
  • Generator compatible
    Ensures clean, uninterrupted power to protected equipment when generator power is used.
  • Multiple mounting methods
    Allows for standardization on one product for use in different environments.
  • Real-time load status
    Circuit loads are provided numerically on LCD display, eliminating the need for wattmeters and enabling load balancing and generator sizing.
  • Easy to install
    Innovative design allows for fast, easy installation by almost anybody.
  • Hardwire capable
    For installations where hard wiring is required or prefered.
Product Distribution
Product Distribution

Canada , United States

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  • Nominal Output Voltage


  • Nominal Input Voltage
  • Input frequency
    47 - 63 Hz


  • Maximum Height
    51mm , 5.1CM
  • Maximum Width
    133mm , 13.3CM
  • Maximum Depth
    114mm , 11.4CM
  • Net Weight
  • Shipping weight
  • Shipping Height
    64mm , 6.4CM
  • Shipping Width
    146mm , 14.6CM
  • Shipping Depth
    127mm , 12.7CM


  • Operating Temperature
    -5 - 45 °C
  • Operating Relative Humidity
    0 - 95 %
  • Operating Elevation
  • Storage Temperature
    -5 - 45 °C
  • Storage Relative Humidity
    0 - 95 %
  • Storage Elevation


  • Standard warranty
    2 years repair or replace
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