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  • Affordable Battery Backup for Home and Office Computers

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BF250 Features

Key Features

Run time for load
Run time for load
Enter the total load (power draw) of all devices to be protected by the UPS here. Based on the value entered we will estimate the run time that you will have during a total power outage. Adding run time increases availability by allowing the system to operate through longer outages without shutting down.

The total load (power draw) entered exceeds the maximum value for this product (150 W)

Please enter load to see estimated run time

The total load (power draw) entered is less than the minimum value for this product ({} W)

Max. Capacity Used
Max. Capacity Used
The maximum percentage of UPS capacity used to support your specified load.

Please enter load to see calculated "Max. Capacity Used"

Output power capacity
150 Watts / 250VA
Output Connections
(3) NEMA 5-15R (Surge Protection)
(3) NEMA 5-15R (Battery Backup)
Nominal Output Voltage
Nominal Input Voltage
Input Connections
NEMA 5-15P
Back-UPS Office
Affordable Battery Backup for Home and Office Computers

Back-UPS Office Features & Benefits


USB compatible
USB 2.0 compatibility and connectivity ensures quick and easy installation of the free file-saving, auto-shutdown software.
Transformer Block Spacing
Designed to allow the use of up to two transformer block plugs without blocking access to other receptacles.
User-replaceable batteries
Save time and money by swapping the battery yourself. There is no need to send the unit to a factory service center.
User-Renewable UPS System
With normal use, a UPS battery will last three to six years. APC’s renewable UPS system eliminates the need for factory service and loss of protection by letting you replace batteries for a fraction of the cost of a new UPS.
Automatic self-test
Biweekly testing of all internal components, including the battery, ensures your unit is ready when you need it.
You can power on the unit without any input power. This provides temporary emergency battery power when the utility power is out.
Intelligent battery management
Maximizes battery performance, life and reliability with microprocessor-controlled intelligent battery management.


Lightning and Surge Protection
Protection from surges, spikes and even lightning is guaranteed!
Multipath Protection
With dedicated outlets for computer, monitor and peripherals everything is safe from the threat of bad power.
Resettable circuit breaker
Instead of a hard to find fuse, there is a push-button circuit breaker for easy recovery from an overload or short circuit.
Unattended Shutdown
This ensures that files are saved and the Operating System is properly shutdown in the event of a sustained power outage.
File-saving, auto-shutdown software for Windows 98/Me/XP/2000 and Mac OS 9 (9.0.4 or higher)
Site wiring fault indicator
Immediately warns you of wiring problems like improper grounds that could cause shocks or prevent the UPS from adequately suppressing surges. (120V units only)
Right Angle Plug
Right-angle plug for safe, easy connection even behind desks. It’s also wall-mountable for convenient, space-saving placement.
Internet FAX - modem - DSL protection
Protects system from surges traveling on a phone, fax or modem line.
Addl Surge Protected Outlets
Surge Only outlets offer protection for non-data sensitive equipment like scanners and printers without reducing the unit's available power or battery capacity. This helps to maximize battery power for equipment that needs it most like a computer and monitor.


Software is available for some models. Refer to the management software section of the technical specifications for detailed information by part number.
Audible alarms
Provides notification of changing utility power and UPS conditions.

Product Distribution

Canada, United States

Technical Specifications


Max Configurable Power (Watts)
150 Watts / 250VA


Number of Power Cords

Batteries & Runtime

Battery type
Lead-acid battery
Replacement Battery
Expected Battery Life (years)
3 - 5
RBC Quantity

Communications & Management

Interface Port(s)


Net Weight
Shipping weight


Operating Temperature
0 - 40 °C
Operating Relative Humidity
0 - 95 %
Operating Elevation
0 - 3048meters
Storage Temperature
-15 - 45 °C
Storage Elevation
0 - 15240meters


Standard warranty
2 years repair or replace