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Proactively replace your modular batteries to avoid unplanned downtime, reduce costs, and safeguard your system’s availability

Our Modular Battery Replacement Service is a comprehensive “green” battery replacement service that ensures: reduced costs and reduced downtime risks

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Product Modular Battery Replacement Service Part Number WMBRS
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Battery recycling Provides end user with a certificate of record identifying the depleted batteries were disposed of in accordance with federal, state and local regulations.
Labor and travel expenses included Travel and labor expenses are included in most service contracts. Please see the statement of work for the service specifics.
Battery Removal Removal of depleted batteries by a certified Field Service Engineer
Battery Disposal Environmentally compliant disposal of depleted batteries by a certified recycling center
Service Summary Report Provides a detailed report of work performed including recommendations for service to ensure optimal performance
Certified Batteries Certified batteries are provided to meet manufacturers' specification to keep the system operating efficiently.