NetShelter Open Frame Racks

Open rack system for easy access to IT equipment and cabling.

4-Post Open Frame Racks provide simple, low cost mounting means for rack-mount equipment in IT environments. Ideal for rack-mount servers, networking, and telecom equipment where security at the individual rack level is not required, open frame racks provide unobstructed airflow and fast, easy access to installed equipment. Provisions for vertically mounting Rack PDUs in the rear combined with options for easily routing, organizing, and storing large bundles of cables make Schneider Electric 4-Post Open Frame Rack solutions the best alternative on the market. Customers can choose either the open frame rack with square mounting holes for server applications (many servers today require square mounting holes), networking, and telecom applications or the open frame rack with threaded mounting holes for networking and telecom applications.

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Product NetShelter 2 Post Rack 45U #12-24 Threaded Holes Black Part Number AR201
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Product NetShelter 4 Post Open Frame Rack 44U Square Holes Part Number AR203A
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Reversible stabilization plates Stabilizations plates can either be mounted internally to conserve floor space or externally
Numbered U-space positions Eliminates the pain involved in determining where to install rack-mount devices within a rack by labeling each vertical mounting rail with the actual U-height position.