Data Center Operation: Capacity, 3 Year Software Support Contract, 2000 Racks


Description: Provides 24x7 telephone technical support and software updates available during the term of the contract for all license keys covered by a software support contract.

Includes : 3 Year contract

Data Center Operation: Capacity, 3 Year Software Support Contract, 2000 Racks

Provides 24x7 telephone technical support and software updates available during the term of the contract for all license keys covered by a software support contract.

Includes: 3 Year contract

WCAM3YR2000 Features

Data Center Operation: Capacity, 3 Year Software Support Contract, 2000 Racks

  • 7x24 telephone technical support
    Our experienced technical support engineers are available to answer your questions, giving you peace of mind knowing the help you require is available at any given time.
  • Service warranty certificate
    Customers receive assistance from the Service Entitlements team to ensure their product is properly recorded. An e-mail Service Entitlement Certificate provides a detailed record of the service registration, along with the service expiration date.
  • Software upgrades
    Software support contracts entitle customers to all software upgrades and updates, ensuring access to new features and product enhancements.

Data Center Operation: Capacity Features & Benefits

  • Localization
    User interface available in major local languages; English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese & Italian.
  • Optional deployment services
    Ensure speedy deployment through the use of Schneider Electric Professional Services.
  • Shared data model
    Ensure mature and synchronized data throughout the entire data center life cycle.
  • Custom devices
    Quickly customize library assets to your specifications in just 2 clicks, amending custom properties such as power requirements and MAC address etc.
  • Asset library
    Utilize the extensive catalog of physical infrastructure and IT devices from leading vendors.
  • Live dashboard
    Gain transparency to data center key performance indicators through easily configured web dashboards, displaying customizable management-level information.
  • Vendor neutral
    Allows for modeling equipment and data from any vendor, providing support for existing data center environments.
  • Global asset search
    Quickly locate assets through free text search, and export equipment data to excel format.
  • Power dependency path
    Map the power path and physical system relationships and dependencies, providing detailed overview of electrical distribution and phase balancing for a detailed impact analysis.
  • Measured power data
    Prevent overloads through graphical display of average and peak power usage by measuring actual consumption through metered rack PDUs and branch circuit monitoring.
  • Available Capacity
    Global view of available capacity within an organizational context, providing an instant calculation of actual space, power and cooling consumption, power and network port availability and floor and rack weight limits against overall data center capacity constraints.
  • Electrical room support
    Monitor capacity and plan changes for centralized power equipment in areas outside of the main data center floor plan.
  • U-space report
    Provides a quick overview of available U-space within your data center.
  • Capacity policies
    Group IT equipment to match availability needs and avoid stranded space, power and cooling capacity.
  • Keyword tagging
    Highlight location constraints through keyword tagging of data center racks or equipment, for both technical and business-level categorization of assets.
  • Direct Current
    Offer direct current capacity planning and risk management as well as the ability to support a mixed power infrastructure (both AC and DC). This enables data center managers to model DC-powered devices within their data center, allowing them to more intelligently and accurately plan capacity and assess risk for the DC power path.
  • Simulation of device failures
    Enables data center operators to proactively identify how a device failure will impact business critical applications and maintain redundancy during maintenance.
  • Business impact
    Shows the consequence of device failure on data center infrastructure equipment for instant identification of critical business application impacts.
  • 3-phase load balancing
    Automatically distribute and track single and three-phase equipment power draw from UPS power supply, through distribution down to server and blade level ensuring all three phases on the power system carry a balanced load.
  • Scenario analysis
    Try out future data center changes and view the impact, without making any changes to their live StruxureWare Data Center Operation application.
  • Raised floor environments
    Gain an instant overview of the plenum air velocities and airflow rates for optimal positioning of perforated tiles in rooms with raised floor cooling systems pressure.
  • Infrastructure failure to IT impact
    Critical events are translated into server impact analysis, and virtual machines at risk are automatically migrated to healthy hosts.
  • IT equipment guidance
    Instant server placement recommendation through real-time analysis of available data center capacity, including power, cooling, u-space, network and power ports, capacity strategies, weight limits and more.
  • 3D airflow analysis
    Simulate any cooling scenario in your data center, instantly visualizing the cooling effect on your infrastructure for easy identification of overcooling and hotspots..
  • Capacity reports
    Shows planned and actual power data in one view, enabling detailed capacity planning for future power needs
  • Capture Index
    Instantly visualize the dynamics of the data center airflow through the hot and cold aisle Capture Index (CI), providing real-time analysis of how effectively the supplied air is used.
  • Read-only Access
    Share access without risking unauthorized configuration changes.
  • Password Security
    User-selectable password with strong password rules and reset password mechanism.
  • Multi-user access
    Enables several users to carry out work on the application simultaneously and merging changes from different users seamlessly.
  • User roles
    Enable location and feature-based access through multi-user login and individual levels of user roles.
Product Distribution
Product Distribution

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