Aquaflair WC

Water-cooled chillers for large water-cooled applications to be combined with remote dry-coolers, cooling towers, or remote condensers

Water cooled chillers are designed to offer a complete solution for large mission critical installations. High energy efficiency, complete reliability, and total flexibility guarantee TCO reduction. Optional oil free centrifugal compressors with magnetic bearings ensures energy efficiency and provides optimized proportional control. All of Schneider Electric's Aquaflair Chillers offer low noise impact through the use of large air side exchangers, controlling fan rotation, and compressor insulation and housing. Our advanced controls system constantly monitors set points to guarantee the unit always operates within operating limits and will signal any faults before breakdown occurs. These chillers support a wide range of applications and maximize the availability of Row and Room cooling products to provide a complete heat removal solution.

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Products Part Number
Product Modulating water-cooled water chillers for indoor installation Part Number BCWC
Product Condenserless Chiller with Remote Condenser Part Number BRRC
Product Water-Cooled Water Chillers Part Number BRWC
Product Water-Cooled Water Heat Pumps Part Number BRWH
Building Management Systems Units are designed to work with the most common BMS systems including BACnet and Modbus.
Network interface Provides management by connecting the device directly to the network with a dedicated IP address, avoiding the need for a proxy such as a server. Management is available via Web browser, Telnet or SSH. Notification features inform you of problems as they occur.
Microprocessor controller Provides proactive control and real-time monitoring via a four line, eighty character, alphanumeric display.
Local area network Creates a shared control between all the available resources for maximum energy efficiency and controlled management of the group during emergency situations
Easy service access Allows for all serviceable components to be replaced/maintained by easily accessible panels/doors.
Operational Service Allows critical components to be maintained/replaced while the system is in operation.
Service monitoring All the monitoring devices on board the unit allow for preventive maintenance and a check of the working condition of the system while its in operation.
Total Cost of Ownership
Condensing water valves Reduces water usage
Ground source application Allows energy savings and low environmental impact
Quick restart Full load operation in less than 3 minutes with specific arrangements permits undersizing of the storage tanks
Tandem compressors Quiet and efficient operation of compressors, connected on a common refrigerant circuit for staged capacity control (not available for some models/configuration)
Active response control Monitors and actively adjusts cooling capacity to ensure proper server inlet temperatures. Through the microprocessor controller, visibility into the operation and status of the unit is provided.
Quick restart Full load operation in less than 3 minutes with specific arrangements permits undersizing of the storage tanks
Continuous current monitoring Permits a continuous monitoring of the compressor’s absorbed current to signal possible discrepancies with the default values (Optional).
Electronic expansion valve Refrigerant flow optimization at any load and temperature conditions. Continuous indirect refrigerant charge monitoring
Redundant Components Single points of failure in the system have redundant compononents to maintain availability and reliability.
Separate power input Draws power from the external UPS for mainboards and heaters to monitor and protect the unit even in complete power failure mode (optional)

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