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How to configure E-Mail notifications in SchneiderUPS/APCUPS software?

Setting up E-Mail in SchneiderUPS/APCUPS

SchneiderUPS/APCUPS and APV9601

All supported OS

Need to configure E-Mail/SMTP for E-Mail notifications.


Settings in the Email Tab:
In the E-mail tab, provide valid SMTP server settings to enable SchneiderUPS/APCUPS to send e-mail messages when events occur.

Email Tab of Schneider UPS software
SMTP Server refers to the SMTP server IP address or hostname. If the SMTP server's hostname is being used, the computer should be configured to a DNS server, and an A record in the DNS server should be in place to resolve the hostname to the SMTP server's IP address.

Port refers to the port number where the e-mail is sent via SMTP. The known ports for SMTP are 25, 465, and 587.

The 'Send from' specifies the origin of the email notification. It is the e-mail account to be used to send notifications.

The 'Username' and 'Password' refers to the account login credentials to allow access to the SMTP server. For most known setups, this is the same as the email address. or the 'username' part of the email address. (e.g. username@domainname.ext). These fields should be filled if SMTP authentication is required

SSL/TLS radio button defines the e-mail encryption protocol that will be used when the e-mail is sent. There are three options available:
  • None - No e-mail encryption protocol is used and an e-mail will be sent unencrypted. If SMTP authentication is enabled, the  e-mail will be encrypted using the SMTPS protocol.
  • SSL – E-mail will be encrypted using the SSL encryption protocol.
  • TLS – E-mail will be encrypted using the TLS encryption protocol.

Receiver list shows the list of recipient email address that has been successfully added.
  • To add an e-mail address, type an e-mail address in the Email field underneath the receiver list. and click the add button.
  • To remove an e-mail address, select the email address that you wish to remove from the receiver list and click the delete button.

Note: The Apply button (located at the bottom right corner of the page) should be clicked for any changes made. If the apply button is not clicked after making a change, the change will not be saved after moving to a different page.

Settings in the Event Actions Tab:

Select the correct UPS (make and model) under 'protocol' and 'UPS' drop down menu by putting a check on the box beside the UPS name. After selecting the UPS, select the event from the list to make the right-side active (not greyed out) and select the recipient email from the list by putting a check beside the recipient email address.

Event Action of Schneider UPS software

To personalize email notifications, select 'Edit Email' to change the following:
  • E-mail Header - Edits the Email Header
  • E-mail Body - This refers to the content of the message sent with relative to the event

Note: For SRV units that only supports one server/computer and is connected to the UPS via USB or serial cable, it is best considering PowerChute Serial Shutdown.

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