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Can I use my Smart-UPS with non IT Loads?


Can I use my Smart-UPS with non IT Loads?

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Smart-UPS products are typically designed with the IT user in mind and may not be compatible with other types of loads, such as those found in Industrial or scientific applications.
Typical Smart-UPS applications would include servers, computers, routers & switches, telecom, etc.


Like so many things, the answer is "it depends".

All Smart-UPS products 750VA or larger output a pure sine wave, which allows for compatibility with all IT type loads.

Some inductive loads found in non-IT applications may present very high levels of inrush current. In these situations the Smart-UPS UPS line may not be appropriate.

This may include but is not limited to:
  • Large motor loads
  • Refrigeration / Freezers / Air Conditioning equipment
  • Heaters
  • Electron microscopes, MRI machines, or other medical imaging devices
  • Other industrial applications

You may find that your Smart-UPS product reports errors or even suffers a hardware failure if used in these types of applications. Proper performance may require an oversized Smart-UPS solution, or in some cases may not be possible at all. You may find that the manufacturer of your equipment has a recommended list of UPS solutions that they have already tested and are known to work.

Alternately we would recommend you gather the following specifications for your load:
  • Typical steady state draw
  • Maximum in-rush current
  • Maximum in-rush duration
  • Make and Model of all equipment that will be attached to the UPS

You can then contact APC Support for assistance in UPS selection.

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