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NetBotz 250 | Physical Description

   Physical Description of the NetBotz 250.

Product Line:
   NetBotz Rack Monitor 250 (NBRK0250)

   NetBotz Rack Monitor 250 (all versions)


Physical Description

1AC line inletInput power connection.
2Switched OutletProvides power to a device at a maximum of 10 A. Activates a connected device when configured events occur. (For example, a fan may be connected to this outlet, and the outlet may be configured to turn on when a high threshold violation occurs for a temperature sensor.)
3Wireless Sensor NetworkUSB port with NetBotz USB Coordinator (NBWC100U) installed. Used with included Wireless Temperature Sensor (NBWS100T) to monitor temperature. Additional wireless sensors can be purchased separately. 
4Rack Access PortsPorts for the door switch sensors on doors #1 and #2.
Ports for the handle sensors (NBHN125 or NBHN1356) on doors #1 and #2.
5Beacon PortUsed for connecting an alarm beacon (AP9324).
6Universal Sensor portsUsed to connect APC by Schneider Electric sensors and third-party dry contact sensors. Third-party dry contact sensors require a Dry Contact Cable (NBES0304).
7USB PortUsed to connect USB devices to the appliance.
8Voltage OutputProvides 12 Vdc or 24 Vdc (75mA) to a connected device.
Relay OutputUsed for connecting relay-controlled external devices.
910/100 Network PortProvides the connection to the network. Status and link Light-emitting Diodes (LEDs) indicate network traffic. See Link LED and Status LED for additional information.
10A-Link PortsUsed to cascade NetBotz Rack Sensor Pod 150s (NBPD0150), or connect Temperature/Humidity Sensors with Digital Display (AP9520TH). Provides communications and power using standard CAT-5 cabling with straight-through wiring.
NOTE: To cascade multiple devices, connect a supplemental power supply (100-240 Vac/24 Vdc, part number AP9505i) to a NetBotz Rack Sensor Pod 150.
11Modbus RS-485 portProvides the connection to a building management system using the Modbus protocol.
12Console PortUsed to connect the USB A-USB mini B configuration cable, when configuring initial network settings.
NOTE: See knowledge base FA381239 for instructions on configuring the network settings (TCP/IP) and knowledge base FA381275 for instructions on installing the required FTDI VCP driver.
13Power LEDIndicates whether the unit is receiving power (blue = receiving power; dark = not receiving power).
14Reset buttonRestarts the Rack Monitor 250 network management interface.

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