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Are there instructions available showing how to install NetShelter seismic mounting brackets onto different floor types?

The NetShelter seismic mounting brackets need to be mounted to the floor. There are different floor types.

Product Line: 
NetShelter SX

All models, all serial numbers. 

The NetShelter seismic mounting brackets installation manuals only show mounting to the cabinet, not the floor. 

Using the pallet bracket or AR7701 the NetShelter SX can be installed per IBC Low Seismic Area and Moderate Seismic Area onto a concrete slab, concrete fill over metal deck, raised composite floor concrete filled metal deck, and raised composite floor concrete slab.
Reference the IBC Seismic Calculations for NetShelter SX for instructions: https://www.apc.com/salestools/SNEL-8C7UQS/SNEL-8C7UQS_R6_EN.pdf 
An updated document can be loaded off the APC website of any NetShelter SX cabinet under the Documentation tab. 

Using AR7701A-S the NetShelter SX can be installed per OSHPD onto a concrete slab, and concrete fill over metal deck. 
Reference the OSHPD structural drawings for NetShelter SX for instructions: https://www.apc.com/salestools/JKUR-ATJL8V/JKUR-ATJL8V_R0_EN.pdf 
The AR7701A-S can also be installed to meet IBC High Seismic Area using these instructions: 


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