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Recommendations and Best Practices for the AP9622 Building Management Card

The following document outlines some recommended configuration settings for using the AP9622 with a Building Management System. The information is intended to help maintain reliable communication with the device and help troubleshoot where applicable.

Product Line
  • Building Management
    • AP9622
  • Supported APC UPS Models
    • Smart UPS with the prefix SU, SUA, SUM, SURTA, SURT, SUVT
    • Symmetra Power Array, Symmetra LX, Symmetra RM, Symmetra 3 phase <= 160kVA
    • Silcon UPS
  • All serial numbers
  • All firmware versions
  • All installation scenarios
When the AP9622 is not working as expected, please refer to the helpful hints listed below to help remedy the problem and find the root cause.

Please refer to the settings and troubleshooting sections below for configurations involving the AP9622 Building Management Card.



For each register, 500ms is recommended. Each Modbus register read causes the card to poll the UPS for that piece of data and therefore, the timeout needs to scale with the number of registers polled per request. To allow for unforeseen circumstances, it is suggested to use the following equation to calculate the timeout: 500 ms * (number of registers) + 100 ms = Total Timeout

It is recommended to poll blocks of 10 supported registers (or less) at a time.

Scan Rates

It is suggested to configure your scan rate no less than 1000ms. Please keep in mind this setting may still need to be adjusted depending on the number of devices, size of your queries, and the length of the serial bus.


In order to troubleshoot an issue involving the AP9622, begin by noting the following items:
  • What is the firmware revision of the AP9622? (a letter revision found on the physical card or through the configuration menu)
  • What port settings are being used?
  • Are any adapters being used? (supported RS-485 adapters noted in RS-485 Converters for the UPS SmartSlot Building Management Card (AP9622) ) - In addition to adapters, are any other devices being used (i.e. Modbus Gateway)?
  • How many devices are on the same communication bus as the AP9622?
  • Please describe the communication bus, length, type of wiring, termination and the other devices.
  • Which register map is being used? (these register maps are generally available on apc.com or apc.com/support)
  • What are the current timeout/scan rate settings set to?
  • Which specific registers are timing out?
  • How many are being read at a time?
  • Has communication been confirmed between the AP9622 and a computer using the 940-0103 APC configuration cable? (if no data is being read)
  • Which UPS model is the AP9622 installed in? What is the firmware version of the UPS?
  • If applicable, is the UPS configured for any type of redundant or parallel operation modes?
  • Are there any other APC Accessory devices in use (for example, a Network Management Card)? If so, describe the configuration and where each device is installed.

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