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What are the battery replacement options for the Smartcell battery pack?


What are the battery replacement options for the Smartcell battery pack?

Product Line

Matrix UPS


Matrix UPS with SMARTCELL battery packs


APC has discontinued the SMARTCELL battery pack due to lack of availability of unique parts required to build it.


In order to continue to support the use of the Matrix battery pack, APC has teamed up with Coastal Business Machines, a certified pre-owned partner, to offer refurbished sales and service of the SMARTCELL battery packs.

Options for replacing the SMARTCELL battery pack

CoastTec is the only authorized refurbisher of the SMARTCELL. They offer 2 options for customers looking to continue using the Matrix-UPS system.

Option 1: Purchase a refurbished SMARTCELL pack, which includes return shipping and disposal of the old battery pack (if applicable).

Option 2: Send your existing SMARTCELL pack into CBMs service center for reconditioning. This option also includes inbound shipping of the old battery pack.

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