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Are there any Quick Reference steps for the DG5?

Published date: 16 May 2019

Issue: DG5 Configuration Quick Steps
Product line: DG5
Environment: Data Center Cooling
Manually rotate units in RUG use the following path in the unit addresses as the 1 unit:
Path: Config >> Enter >> Enter (curser at Custom Setup) >> Down Arrow >> Scroll to Page 21 >> Special

Toggle through units in a Shared Display setup:
Path: Help and Network buttons at the same time

Resetting/Reconfiguring Board
Path: Blank Button >> enter (curser will move to the model above Software) >> Temp. and Run Hours at the same time (curser will move below the Software Ver. # >> Down arrow >> enter

Back Door Password
Path: Blank button >> Network and Temp. at the same time >> Down arrow >> this will take you to the section where you can view or alter the 2 level passwords

Factory Menu
Path: Blank button >> Config. >> Enter >> Enter (Curser should be at the Custom Setup) >> Special and Config at the same time

Clearing Alarm History
Path: Alarm History >> Blank Button >> Help

Addressing the Board to the Display
Path: Temp & Humid & Run Hours simultaneously

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