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Power Consumption of APC Rack Power Distribution Unit (PDU) / Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) Products


Rack Power Distribution Unit (PDU) Type

Total Power Consumption (no outlets "ON")

 Wattage Draw Per "ON" Outlet

 Total Power Consumption (all outlets "ON" - assuming up to 24 outlets)

Metered (AP71XX, AP78XX)



approx. 5 watts

Metering By Outlet (MBO) (AP84XX)

N/AN/Aapprox. 11.5 watts

Metered (AP88XX)



5 watts

Switched (AP79XX)

approx. 5 watts

approx. 1 watt

approx. 29 watts

Switched (AP89XX)

5 watts

.5 watts

17 watts

Switched with Metering By Outlet (MBO) (AP86XX)

18 watts

.25 watts

24 watts

Rack Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) Type

Total Power Consumption (no outlets "ON") Wattage Draw Per "ON" Outlet Total Power Consumption (all outlets "ON")

All models (AP77XX)



approx. 20 watts

All models (AP44XXN/AN/A< 20 watts


Note: These measurements don't include resistive losses due to current flow through the Rack PDU or Rack ATS meaning, they are only the fixed losses of the PDU or ATS associated with communications, measurements, and relay control.


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