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Diversify your business and boost profitability

Keep up with the latest IT solutions and develop new skills to stay relevant in the ever-changing IT market.

Take your business to the next level

With the flexibility to pursue multiple specialisations, mySchneider IT Partner Program provides a roadmap to diversify your business and increase profitability.
mySchneider IT Partner Program

Expanding skills, exploring new revenue streams

mySchneider IT Partner Program can help you to capture new business through competitive differentiation and market recognition.
mySchneider IT Partner Program

Program benefits to drive business growth

Choose your specialisation

The program lets you pursue multiple specialisations so you can start one now and add another one later.

IT Software & Services Provider

Specialise in the deployment of IT lifecycle management, including the capabilities to resell, monitor, and manage the entire environments.

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Data Center Solution Provider

Specialise in critical power and cooling. Increase availability, efficiency, and performance of your customers’ data infrastructures.

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Make the most of the program

Find out how to enhance your business by exploring the program’s tools and benefits in detail in this comprehensive guide.
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To ensure you create your account correctly, please select "IT Solution Provider" as your Business Type and "IT System Integrator/VAR" as your Area of Focus.
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ITSP sustainability

Grow your business with sustainable IT solutions

Join the mySchneider IT Partner Program to stay up-to-date in the ever-changing IT market. Develop new skills and discover the latest IT products and services, including our Green Premium ecolabel offers.
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