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Galaxy VX; How to configure the Network Communications options

Published date: 15 July 2020

How to configure the Network Communications options for Galaxy VX

Product line:
Galaxy VX - all


How to set up network communications for the UPS

The network can be configured for the display and for the cards in Smart Slot 1 and
Smart Slot 2.

From the home screen on the display select Configuration > Network and
select either Display, Smart Slot 1, or Smart Slot 2 if present.

Configure the following settings:
TCP/IPv4: Enable IPv4 (if applicable), and select the Address Mode
(Manual, DCHP, or BOOTP).

TCP/IPv6: Enable IPv6 (if applicable), select Auto Configuration or
Manual Configuration, and select the DHCPv6 Mode (Router controlled,
Non-Address Information Only, Never, or Address and Other

NOTE: Tap Addresses to see all valid IPv6 addresses.

Web Access: Enable Web (if applicable) and select the Access Mode
NOTE: Not available for Smart Slots.

FTP server: Enable FTP (if applicable).
NOTE: Not available for Smart Slots.

When all settings have been completed, tap OK to confirm your settings.


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