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Video: How do I replace the APCRBC140 or RBC44 battery modules in my SURT or SRT series Smart-UPS?

How do I replace the batteries in my SURT or SRT series Smart-UPS?

Product Line:
Smart-UPS Online

All SURT/SRT models 3Kva or larger, All Serial Numbers

The average life span of a battery module is 3-5 years depending on environment and usage. For best performance the ambient temperature should be 68-77 degrees Fahrenheit. Replacing battery modules is a quick and easy process and can be performed without turning off the UPS. Please note that while you do not have to power down the UPS, you will not have any battery back up protection for the short period when no batteries are installed in the UPS.

All SURT and SRT units 3kva or larger use the APCRBC140 RBC Kit (This RBC kit replaced the older RBC44. APCRBC140 can be used in SRT or SURT unit, RBC44 only work in SURT)
One APCRBC140 includes two battery modules
3kva-6kva units use ONE APCRBC140 kit (Two Modules)
8kva-10kva units use TWO APCRBC140 kits (Four Modules)

To replace your batteries:
  • Remove the plastic bezel from the front of the UPS by pulling it off straight towards you
  • Remove the screws that hold the protective metal battery bay covers in place.
    • On 3-6kva units - Slide the cover to the left, then open like a door
    • On 8-10kva units - The bay covers come  off of the unit entirely
  • Disconnect the battery connectors by pulling straight out towards you
  • Slide the modules out of the UPS one by one. Be careful - They're heavy
  • Once all modules are removed, repeat these steps in reverse order to install new batteries
  • When the new batteries are installed, run a self test to clear any "Replace Battery" alarms

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