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Video: Data Center Operation | How to create logs if httpd service is down?

How to create logs if httpd service is down with StruxureWare Data Center Operation

Product Line:
StruxureWare Data Center Operation (DCO)

StruxureWare Data Center Operation (All Versions)

It is possible that during installation or upgrade that the Apache server (httpd) becomes unavailable. To be able to diagnose these types of concerns Technical Support would require the log files to determine a course of action.



Due to Apache (HTTPD) service being unavailable it is not possible to obtain log files via Webmin. Log files are about to be obtained via a console or SSL session using the following CLI command

1. Log into the Operation server via console or SSH.
2. Enter "cd /"
3. Enter " sudo   su "
4. Enter the password(this password is the same one used to access console/SSL)
5. Enter "Platform.pm collect-log-files / tmp " (this will create a log.tar.gz file located in the / tmp  directory)
6. Once the process is completed, FTP/SFTP the log file just created from the server to your PC.

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