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Can the NetShelter SX cabinet be purchased with no sides, doors, roof or other configuration?

Customers may want to buy a NetShelter SX cabinet without sides, doors, roof, etc

Product Line:
NetShelter SX
All versions and serial ranges.
Customers may not need certain features of the standard NetShelter SX cabinet.
Resolution :

NetShelter SX cabinets are available in custom configurations. The most common configurations already have part numbers called X-options.
The X-option part number is added to the end of the standard sku.
X609 = No Sides
X610 = No Doors
X617 = No Sides, No Doors

An AR3100 with no sides is AR3100X609.
An AR3100 with no doors is AR3100X610.
An AR3100  with no sides or doors is AR3100X617.

For other custom configurations please contact APC by Schneider Electric. 

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