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Why has PowerChute Business Edition version 9.x, 10.x lost communication with UPS after communication cable has been unattached and reattached?


After detaching communication cable and then reattaching communication cable PowerChute Business Edition does not reestablish communications with the UPS.


PowerChute Business Edition v9.x, 10.x 


All supported OS communicating with UPS via USB or Serial


Communications cable was unattached while PowerChute service or daemon was running on the OS.



 1 – Stop PowerChute service or daemon before detaching and reattaching communications cable.

2 – If cable is unattached while the server or daemon is running you can re-establish communications by

            a: Stopping and restarting the server or daemon.

            b: If step a does not resolve the issue stop the service or daemon again, reattach the cable and then brain dead the UPS.  See Video: How to perform a cold start and brain dead on Smart-UPS for instructions on how to brain dead a Smart-UPS.

c: For other lost communication troubleshooting steps see Schneider Electric Video: Troubleshooting no communication between UPS and PowerChute Business Edition



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