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What is the RDU’s entering water temperature guidelines


What is the RDU’s entering water temperature guidelines.


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Guidelines of water temperatures




Entering Water Temperature of RDU (ACDA901)

1. What range of Entering Water Temperature should be supplied for the system? For example: 7.2C±?       Target: 45 F / 7deg C, as you rise above 45.F; your total 160kw total capacity diminishes. Example: 50.F inlet temp = 80Kw to 90Kw total capacity. 

2. What level of the temperature would generate a warning message? If you are referring solely to the RDU, I don't believe there is a Water temperature inlet alarm. I could be wrong, so any other comments welcome.  If you water temperatures goes outside of requirements, capacity will be reduced, and you will see your OA's go into alarm based on their alarm set points.  Typically if you chilled water source is starting to exceed its target set point, the chiller will alarm and begin to inform you of the problem as well.

The threshold for the "Entering Fluid Temperature High Violation" warning is selectable.  The value is configurable between 41 F (5 C) and 90 F (32.2 C).  The default is 55 F (12.8 C). On the PowerView the threshold is located at RDU->Configuration->FLuid Lvl Thres.

See the spreadsheets containing the alarm conditions for the RDU and CMs respectively.



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