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Version 3 Netbotz modem support.

Version 3 Netbotz modem support.

Product Line:

NetBotx version 3 (NBRK0450, NBWL0455, NBRK0550, NBRK0570)

Supported Hardware.

All version 3 Netbotz appliances in the 400 and 500 families support modems.

The following modems are supported (Please note that not all models may be available in your region):

GPRS modems:

1. Mulit-Tech MultiModemGPRS  - The name on the front  of the modem is:
MultiModem GPRS Wireless Modem
The model numbers are: MTCBA –G-U-F2 or MTCBA –G-U-F4

2. Option GlobeSurfer ICON – OPTION WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY GLOBESURFER iCON, no other part number.

***Newer GLOBESURFER units may have an additional part number such as 225 or 505 however these are not supported.

Tested with AT&T Sim card.

Analog Modem:

1. Mulit-Tech MultiModem USB/MultiMobileUSB – The name on the front of the modem is
MultiMobile USB
Supported model numbers are MT5634MU and MT5634ZBA

Some of these devices may no longer be available at retail. The Multitech Multi Modem GPRS ""MTCBA-G-U-F4"" is recommended.

With the release of Botzware 4.2, some new modem support has been added. These new modems are:
1. Zoom Model 4595 Modem (USB Stick form factor)
2. ZTE Model MF100 Modem (USB Stick form factor)
3. Multi-Modem GPRS Cellular Modem (Model MTCBA-G2-U) (Dimensions - 4.1" x 1.1" x 2.4")

In NetBotz v4.3, the following additional USB modems are supported:

MutiTech MultiModem Cell
MutiTech MultiModem Cell 3G MTCBA-H5
MutiTech MultiModem iCell 3G MTCMR-H5

Botzware 4.5.3  adds support for additional USB modem:
MultiTech QuickCarrier® USB-D, MTD-H5-2.0

Although we try to keep this document up to date, you can also verify changes to new releases i the release notes for the newest versions. This should be available on the product page or on the software downloads page:

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