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NetBotz | Scheduling Periodic Reports

Published date: 28 July 2020

Sending Periodic Sensor Reports at a Specific Time / Scheduling Sensor Reports

Product Line:
NetBotz v3 Wall Appliance: 355/356 (NBWL0355/6) & 455/456 (NBWL0455/6)
NetBotz v3 Rack Appliance: 450/451 (NBRK0450/1), 550 (NBRK0550), & 570 (NBRK0570)

NetBotz v2 and v3

As designed, Periodic Sensor Reports can only be sent in intervals of xxx minutes. You cannot specify a time of day at which reports will be sent, but they are instead sent at user specified time intervals (i.e. if you specify an Interval of 45 minutes, they could be sent at 11:00am, 11:45am, 12:30pm, 1:15 pm, and so forth). This document describes a method to work around this limitation and configure your appliance to send a report at a specific daily time, rather than at an interval.


  1. Start the Periodic Reports task, select the type of periodic report you would like to enable (in this illustration we are enabling a Periodic E-mail Report), and click Edit. The Edit Periodic Report window opens.
  2. Check the Enable check box to enable this periodic report.
  3. Type in the Interval field an interval value of 1,440 minutes.
  4. Click Advanced Scheduling. The Periodic Report Scheduling window opens.
  5. Select the 15 minute period prior to the time at which you want to receive the periodic reports and then click Disable. For example, to receive the reports at 12:00pm you would select 11:45am entries in the Periodic Report Scheduling window.
  6. Click OK to save the Advanced Scheduling settings and return to the Edit Periodic Report window.
  7. Using the controls in the bottom half of the Edit Periodic Report window, specify the report type-specific options necessary to deliver the selected report type (E-mail Options, FTP Options, or HTTP Options, depending on the type of report you selected) and then click OK to save your Periodic Report settings.
When you specify an interval of 1,440 minutes (1 day) the report will run once every day, at the time you saved the configuration. However, when you use Advanced Scheduling to disable reporting for a period of time, a Periodic Report is sent automatically as soon as the Disabled period expires and the Interval clock is reset. By specifying a Disable period 15 minutes prior to the desired Periodic Report delivery time, we prevent the Interval timer from reaching the 1,440 minute mark. Therefore, the report is sent only at the beginning of each Enabled period (12:00pm, daily, in our example), but is never sent again before the next Disabled period (1,425 minutes later, at 11:45am the following day in our example). Oncethe Periodic Report schedule reached the next Enabled period, a report is then generated, the Interval timer is re-set to 0 minutes, and the process repeats.

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