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How do I connect a 940-1500 extension cable to my existing serial cable?


How do I connect a 940-1500 extension cable to my existing serial cable?

Product Line
  • UPS Interface Cables
    • AP9815/940-1500

  • Users needing to extend the length of serial connection to the UPS
  • UPS models with a DB-9 serial port


AP9815 or 940-1500 does not replace any interface cable packaged with PowerChute software or offered separately. It is simply an extension cable to extend the connection between a computer and APC UPS with a DB-9 port for communication purposes..


APC Part Number: 940-1500
Length: 15 feet

This cable must be plugged directly into the computer interface port of the UPS. No more than one can be used at a time. This cable is a highly shielded, straight, pass-through interface cable. It is designed to be used in conjunction with the standard six foot PowerChute interface cables, i.e. those cables with APC part numbers 940-0020, 940-0023, 940-0024 and 940-0024.

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