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General functions of a MicroAC control platform DG3
The MicroAC is an electronic control for the complete management of precision air-conditioners , both in direct expansion versions (with 1 or 2 compressors), with 1 or 2 heating elements or with batteries (valve on the heating battery and/or valve on the cooling battery). ... In addition, it can also be used in precision units for "Shelters" with management of the condenser fan .
How to navigate through an Network Air FM unit display
... NetworkAIR FM DX Precision Air Conditioner . Direct expansion (DX) ... ... All refrigerant is directed through the expansion valve which feeds ... ... used in the direct expansion refrigeration system. ... ... begins when an Expansion Module loses communication ... ... expires, the Expansion Module will shut ... ... or set the Expansion Modules to continue ... ... mode to the direct expansion coil. ... settings to the Expansion Modules. ... Main Module, Expansion Module 1, or Expansion Module 2 event ... ... > Module > Expansion Module 1 > ... Main > Setup > Module > Expansion Module 1 > Module Config > Set Alarm Detectors ... pressure for the FM DX Precision Air Conditioner .
APC Schneider Cooling Unit Identification
E= Expansion A= Air ... ... Humidifier D= Downflow ... Humidifier D= Downflow X= No Humidifier D= Downflow ... D= Downflow ... DF= Downflow ... E= Fan Coil/Evap BC=208/1/60 ... IC= Indoor Centrifugal C= Fan Cycle F= Fan Speed ... AFS= Air Cooled Fan Speed Control ... X=No Humidifier D= Downflow ... MA= 600/3/60 D= Downflow ... MA= 600/3/60 D= Downflow ... D= Downflow ... DX= Direct Expansion ... MA= 600/3/60 D= Downflow ... MA= 6575/3/60 D= Downflow ... D= Downflow ... D= Downflow
What are the operational conditions for an InRoom (Stulz) Unit
The InRoom precision air conditioning units operate within the following ranges: ... Downflow units with an external static pressure: 20 Pa (0.08 in w g)
Where can I get support for APC and MGE Products?
AC Power ... InRoom Direct Expansion ... InRow Direct Expansion ... Operations Energy Efficiency ... SmartSlot Expansion Chassis
Why does only one fan spin on my APC step down transformer (part numbers AP9626/27/28, SYTF2)?
APC step down transformers come with two fans installed. One is the primary AC fan that is used for forced air cooling of the transformer.
Did APC purchase the AirFlow Company?
American Power Conversion Expands Availability Solutions with Acquisition of Airflow Company A precision cooling device goes beyond commercial building air conditioning or "comfort cooling" equipment to help enhance availability of critical IT and telecommunications ...
What are your Cooling Product Energy efficiency rating (EER)?
Energy efficiency rating (EER) or coefficient of performance (COP), is a measure to assess heat pumps and air conditioners .
What is meant by ‘flooding’ with Air Conditioners?
• Dirty evaporator. • Evaporator fans not operating.
How to troubleshoot fan power supply faults on an ACRC, ACRD, ACDA, and ACSC.
Input healthy LED: When green, AC power is present

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