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Are replacement side panels available for NetShelter VX AR2101 or AR2101BLK?

Replacement side panels are needed.

Product Line:
NetShelter VX

AR2100, AR2100BLK, AR2101, AR2101BLK all serial numbers.

Side panels may be lost or damaged.


As of the writing of this document the NetShelter VX cabinets have been discontinued for approximately 10 years. Accessories such as sides and roofs were discontinued recently.
Although we still manufacture NetShelter VX Seismic cabinets, many of those parts are not compatible with the non-seismic NetShelter VX.
Seismic side panels (AR8364BLK and AR8364) are not compatible with non-seismic cabinets. They cannot be used on AR2100, AR2100BLK, AR2101 or AR2101BLK.
For any other NetShelter VX or VX Seismic compatibility questions please see FAQ FA169461.

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