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APC PowerChute software and Oracle JRE
Issue: Does APC PowerChute Business Edition and PowerChute Network Shutdown software use JRE?
Video: What to do if the system is missing native shutdown battery options / How to restore HID UPS device driver.
If you are no longer using PowerChute software and want to utilize native battery options you may need to roll / revert the HID Driver ...
Command file is not running within PowerChute: How to check correct syntax usage.
The following examples illustrate the correct use of syntax for use with APC shutdown utilities as executables: Example:
What is PowerChute Network Shutdown Software?
Product line: PowerChute Network Shutdown , PowerChute Business Edition and PowerChute Personal Edition
Configuring Microsoft Vista, Windows 7, 8, & 10, Windows 2008 & 2012 to safely shutdown without using APC's PowerChute software.
... 8, & 10, Windows 2008, and Windows 2012 to safely shutdown without using APC's PowerChute software .
Messaging service for PowerChute Network Shutdown running on Windows.
Starting with the release of Windows Vista, Microsoft removed messaging service from their OS. PowerChute relied on this messaging service and therefore is unable to post messages to the desktop. ... PowerChute Network Shutdown ... The utility msg.exe is not available on Windows 7, 10 Home versions. ... Copy EventMsg.cmd to C:\ Program Files\APC\ PowerChute \group1 folder. ... %2 is a variable or placeholder for the Event message that PowerChute will include when executing the command file. ... For help with writing command files for use with PowerChute Network Shutdown see Kbase
PowerChute Network Shutdown lost communications or cannot establish communication with UPS.
PowerChute Network Shutdown lost communications or ... PowerChute Network Shutdown (PCNS) ... ... current version of PowerChute Network Shutdown can be downloaded ... ... listed under the PowerChute menu. 7. PowerChute Network Shutdown client that acquires ... ... each system using PowerChute Network Shutdown must (See Application note PowerChute Network Shutdown with more than ... ... using the ping utility from the Network ... ... anti-virus software is blocking these ... ... been enable for PowerChute . To verify HTTP and or HTTPS protocol has been enable for PowerChute open the NMC web interface and go to Configuration - Shutdown . You will find the PowerChute Communication Protocol at the bottom of the page.

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