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Do alerts in StruxureWare DCE that come from the NetBotz 750 include images?

Published date: 20 July 2020


Do alerts in StruxureWare DCE that come from the NetBotz 750 include images?

Product Line:

StruxureWare Data Center Expert
NetBotz 750


StruxureWare Data Center Expert 7.7 and higher
NetBotz 750 5.1.1 and higher


Version 2 and 3 NetBotz such as the NetBotz NBWL0500, NBRK0570, NBWL0355, NBRK0450 among others can be discovered by StruxureWare DCE using the HTTP or HTTPS protocol. These devices also send alerts to DCE using this same protocol and send images to DCE as well. The NetBotz 750  (considered version 5 NetBotz) is discovered and monitored using SNMP similar to how the NetBotz 250 or an APC UPS is discovered. Alerts from the 750 are also monitored by DCE using the SNMP protocol. This protocol does not support images.


As of the inception of this article, NetBotz 750 and it's current firmware of 5.1.0 can be monitored by DCE 7.6 once you get a DDF from the following site:

Images however will not come in with the alerts. Instead, when the releases that support surveillance are released (Botzware version 5.1.1 and DCE version 7.7 are the projected versions),
alerts such as door opened etc are planned to trigger surveillance capture. So although there will be no images in the alerts themselves, there should be images available in surveillance.

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