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How to adjust the lens on the NetBotz Wallmount or the Camera Pod 160?


How to adjust the lens on the NetBotz Wallmount or the Camera Pod 160?

Product Line:

Netbotz Appliance


Netbotz Appliance Version


After installation the lens may require adjustments for proper focus and field of view.


View the camera feed during the adjustment of the camera in order to correctly adjust the focus of the feed and field of view settings.
To access the adjustment screws, remove the lens housing by turning the lens housing counter-clockwise until the latches disengage.
To reattach the lens housing, engage the latches and rotate the housing clockwise until a click is heard.
To adjust the aperture of the lens, rotate the aperture ring clockwise to increase the aperture or counter-clockwise to reduce the aperture.

To adjust the focus and field of view settings:

1. Loosen the adjustment screw by turning it counter-clockwise.

2. Rotate the lens rings to the desired position.

3. Tighten the adjustment screw by turning it clockwise.


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