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Files to gather when troubleshooting PowerChute Network Shutdown 3.1 and 4.x

What files are needed to troubleshoot PowerChute Network Shutdown v3.1 and 4.x?

PowerChute Network Shutdown (PCNS) version 3.1 and 4.x

All supported Windows and Linux OS (see compatibility chart)

A.  Gather these files and send to Schneider Electric Technical Support
error.log, EventLog.txt,, pcnsconfig.ini, javaVersionFile.log
NOTE: is only available with VMware and Hyper-V configurations
On Windows the default path is
C:\Program files\APC\PowerChute\group1
On VMware vMA or APC Appliance the default path is
B. There are attached scripts that can be used to gather and compress the needed file to send to Technical Support.
For Windows system
1. Download the attached pcnszip and WinLogs files
2. Copy pcnszip and winlogs to the folder PCNS 4.x has been installed to
            The default path is C:\Program files\APC\PowerChute\group1
3. Change the name of pcnszip to pcnszip.vbs and winlogs to WinLogs.bat
4. Double click on WinLogs.bat to collect the files and create a zip file named
   will be created in the fold WinLogs.bat was run in
5. Send via e-mail or FTP to Technical Support
For Linux
1. Download the attached file LinuxLogs
2. Copy LinuxLogs to the directory PCNS has been installed to (if help is needed coping the file to the vMA or PCNS Appliance see Kbase FA159776)
            The default path is /opt/APC/PowerChute/group1
3. Change the permissions of LinuxLogs to make it an executable
            The command is chmod +x LinuxLogs
4. Run the file to create a new file named apcfiles.tar in the directory LinuxLogs is run from
            The command is ./LinuxLogs
5. Send apcfiles.tar via e-mail or FTP to Technical Support
NOTE: Other files may be needed at a later date and different files may be needed to troubleshoot installation issues.
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