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NetBotz | Why does my wireless sensor pod NBPD0180 show an incorrect serial number when set up as a coordinator?

Published date: 28 July 2020

Wireless sensor pod 180 set as coordinator shows incorrect serial number.

Product Line:

NetBotz wireless sensor pod 180 (NBPD0180)

If you disconnect a wireless sensor pod that had been connected via USB to the NetBotz appliance and configured as a coordinator and replace it with a different pod, the NetBotz appliance will not pick up the new sensor pod's serial number.


In order to make sure the NetBotz appliance properly shows the serial number of the pod, the new pod must be removed from the system and new one added:

If you follow the steps below, you can prevent data loss from the router or end devices that are also being monitored.
1. Once the coordinator is disconnected go to serial devices and remove it from the list
2. Plug the coordinator back into the bot
3. Go to serial devices and set it as a coordinator again (Wireless Sensor Pod 180 option)
4. Wait for the end devices and routers to report back into the coordinator and they should come back online in the bot, all previous data should be available to graphs / reports.

Please be aware that deleting a pod will cause a loss of historical data for it's sensors. k-base FA158451 discusses this procedure as well.

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