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Oil Type for Different Types of Refrigerant

Oil Type for Different Types of Refrigerant

Product line:
All AC DX Units

All versions/serials

Oil Maintenance

Below is a list of the different oil types for the different refrigerants in our units. Always check the compressor manufacture's recommendations for oil on any other type of cooling unit.

R 12                 Use Mineral Oil or Alkyl Benzene Oil

R 22                 Use Mineral Oil, Mixing of POE is acceptable however it is preferred to use the oil that the original charge used.  Units: AX, CM, CC T, DT, TC, FM, ACPA4000, AP7003

R134A            Use POE oil      Units: RDU but no oil needed for this unit on startup.

R407C            Use POE oil     Units: ACRP, ACRD5xx, Stulz

R410A            Use PVE oil      Units: ACRD1XX, ACRD2XX, ACRD3XX,ACRD60XX, ACRD6XXP ACSC, Uniflair, ACPSC, Ecobreeze
POE oil recommendations 150, 160 Viscosity.

Copelands POE oil Part# 998-E022-01

Ultra 32-3MAF

PVE oil recommendations 320HV or FVC68D or better yet Danfos 120Z5034

Schneider-Electric Sku for POE oil: 0J-9099

Note: Prior to adding any oil to a system a leak check should be completed and a proper acid test completed.

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