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Schneider Electric Product Recall Safety Notice

Hazard: The results of analysis performed by Schneider Electric show that battery issues caused by an internal battery nonconformance may affect the battery performance and, in a very low number of cases, result in localised overheating. ​

Affected Products: The battery issue from a limited batch was identified in Smart-UPS On-Line UPS systems using the 192V battery cartridge (part no. APCRBC140) made between 6th May 2019, and 10th May 2020.
Refer to the instructions below to determine if your product is affected.  ​

Remedy: Affected batteries (part no. APCRBC140) need to be replaced and will be provided.​
The APCRBC140 battery is user serviceable and hot swappable.​

How to find your Date Code

Finding the date code will help you identify if your unit is affected.

The date code is the first six characters of the serial number found on the model and serial number label attached to the rear panel of the product. This label may be located behind the front bezel as well. For the battery module inside your UPS/external battery pack, the model and serial number is on either battery module.

APC Batteries Serial Number

Example of a typical battery module label

(Battery module inside the UPS/external battery pack)
APC Batteries Serial Number

Example of a typical UPS / external battery pack label

If you reached Step 4 and the answer is YES, you may be affected. Start your request for your replacement battery.

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