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Where can I get support for APC and MGE Products?
Biometric Security ... Charge- UPS EX ... Magnum VS ... Matrix- UPS Matrix- UPS Accessories ... MGE UPS 4000 ... NetBotz 400 ... NetShelter VS Enclosures ... Notebook Security ... Parallel ... Security Cameras ... Smart- UPS Smart- UPS Accessories Smart- UPS Battery Systems Smart- UPS DP Smart- UPS On-Line Smart- UPS RT Smart- UPS VT ... Start -Up Service ... Tune- UPS for Symmetra ... UPS Network Hub Card UPS Network Management Cards
AOS v6.3.2/sy3p APP v6.3.2 UPS Network Management Card 2 (NMC2) ap9630/AP9631 UPS Compatibility
... /31) as well as Symmetra PX 48, 96, 100, and 160 kVA models with an embedded Network Management Interface and ...
UPDATED MARCH-2016: Unable to access my APC Network Management Card (NMC) enabled device via HTTPS (SSL/TLS)
Available Now? px2 Symmetra PX 48/96/100/ 160 kVA embedded UPS brain AOS v 3.9.0 and higher Yes
UPS Signalling Bundle for IBM AS/400 & IBMi (IBM Power Systems)
If power is removed for longer then “QUPSDLYTIM,” the system will start to shut down. Restore AC utility power to the UPS.
... CONVERTER 11KW 200 V W491-0531 VARIABLE FREQUENCY CONVERTER 11KW 400 V W491-0530 ... Board 11KW 200 V (1.07 upgrade
How do you install an Isolated Extension Cable with a Share-UPS?
Accessory Guidelines supported when it is connected between a Control- UPS / 400 (APC Part Number ap9012) and the AS/ 400 server* ...
How to set self test day and time on Symmetra UPS products
*in the Symmetra PX 48, 100, 160 kVA the menu path is:
Default administrator authentication phrase used by PowerChute Network Shutdown to communicate with the Network Management Card
Security ... If you are using a Redundant Smart- UPS , Multiple Symmetra, or a Parallel UPS configuration, all of the NMC authentication phrases must be the same. ... In v 3.x - UPS tab, under PowerChute --> Configuration In v 5.x - UPS tab, under Configuration --> Shutdown In v 6.x - Under Configuration --> Shutdown
Information on Online and On Battery operation of 3:1 Symmetra UPS systems
The nominal input voltage range is 380 or 400 or 415.

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