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DCE shows duplicate cameras for a single NetBotz 750/755 attached camera

DCE shows duplicate cameras for a single NetBotz 750/755

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Data Center Expert

DCE (any version)

If you Remove a NetBotz 750 or 755 from DCE and that appliance had a connected camera, the camera will not get deleted from DCE surveillance.
The camera will appear as disconnected and show a test pattern. Re-adding the appliance even with the same camera re-adds the camera with a separate internal ID so DCE won't associate it with the newly added NetBotz.

After removing a NetBotz 750 or 755 with a connected camera from DCE, it is recommended that you delete the camera from the surveillance view in DCE.
If you do not, after you re-add the NetBotz even with the same camera, that camera will show as a duplicate and only one camera will actually capure clips going forward.

You should still be able to delete the camera after re-adding the appliance as you will see one communicating and one not communicating. Delete the non-communicating camera.

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