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Why is the estimated runtime displayed on my Smart-UPS LCD not accurate?

Issue: The estimated runtime remaining displayed on the UPS LCD is not accurate

Product Line: Smart-UPS SMC, SMT, SMX and SRT models

Cause: In some cases, the UPS may display inaccurate runtime if the connected load is very low compared to the UPS power capacity. The UPS firmware calculates and displays the estimated runtime based on the connected load and on the actual runtime during the last outage or discharge. The higher the load connected, the more accurate the displayed runtime information will be.

Resolution: For a more accurate runtime estimation, it is recommended to have at least 10% load connected to UPS units that have no external battery backs connected.

Note: If the UPS displays an estimated runtime that is shorter than expected while under very low load, the actual runtime may be longer than the estimated runtime, as the actual runtime depends on the physical power available from the battery during the actual outage.

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