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What can cause a Smart-UPS firmware upgrade to timeout on an "SRT", "XP", or "XU" UPS?


Smart-UPS Online firmware upgrades may sometimes timeout without completing

Product Line:

Smart-UPS Online, Smart-UPS Industrial


All "SRT", "XP", or "XU" models, All Serial Numbers


There are several issues that may cause a firmware upgrade to fail:
  • Measured battery voltage is less than Battery cut off voltage
    • Allow battery to charge fully and then retry the upgrade
  • Battery State of Charge is less than  10%
    • Allow battery to charge fully and then retry the upgrade
  • Battery disconnected
    • Connect battery and then retry upgrade
  • Boost charging
    • Allow battery to charge fully and then retry the upgrade
  • Fault state
    • Attempt to clear fault via LCD screen or by turning UPS off/on.
  • Pending on states
    • Wait until UPS completes it self test and is online
  • On battery state
    • ​​​​​​​Ensure UPS is online


Ensure that all events above have been resolved before attempting to retry the upgrade. If you are running into issues upgrading via the Network Management Card interface we would suggest re-trying using the Firmware Upgrade Wizard, which can be found HERE.

XU1K3LLXXRCC units can also be upgraded via a thumb drive. Details on that process can be found here.
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