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Can brush strips be added to the roof of AR2400, AR2407, AR2500, AR2507 or AR2200?

There's a request to close off the large holes in the rear of the roof with brush strips.

Product Line:
NetShelter SV

AR2400, AR2407, AR2500, AR2507, AR2200 all serial ranges.

There's a need to control airflow and close the holes in the rear of the roof.


The large holes in the rear of the AR2200, AR2400, AR2407, AR2500 and AR2507 can be closed off using AR7714.
AR7714 installation instructions don't show it, but two brush strips can be installed into each hole facing each other, as shown in the attached photo.

APC Romania


AR7714 Install into NetShelter SV.JPG.jpgAR7714 Install into NetShelter SV.JPG.jpg [110.19 KB]
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