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SRT Smart-UPS reports "Check Battery Cable" or “Battery Pack Uninstalled / Press OK to Acknowledge”

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SRT Smart-UPS reports "Check Battery Cable" or “Battery Pack Uninstalled / Press OK to Acknowledge”

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Smart-UPS SRT models


Ensure the External Battery Pack cable is securely connected, if applicable. For SRT 8 & 10kVA models, ensure both the External Battery Pack power and communication cables are securely connected. Perform a self-test with at least 500W load.

When there is a Check Battery Cable alarm present, usually it is an indication that one of the battery cables from the XBPs is having an issue.
In a low number of cases, it sometimes could indicate a fuse is open inside the UPS, one of the XBPs, or  XBP the battery cartridges.  To isolate this, remove all the XBPs and just have the UPS standalone to see if there is a fault present.  UPS fault status should change if there is one at the UPS. If a fault is present, proceed with a. If not, proceed with b.
  1. If “Internal Battery Disconnected” error pops up, it sometimes indicates the fuse is open (either in the battery module or the UPS itself). Try to install a known good battery in the UPS (without any XBPs connected) to see if that fault clears.  If it does not, then it is a good indication the UPS fuse is open and the UPS needs to be replaced.
  2. To isolate which XBPs fuse is open (or just having an issue to begin with), connect each XBP (with a known good battery installed) along with the UPS to see what error message pops up.  It is very rare fuses are open in every single XBP along with the UPS.  Keep attaching XBPs to see when the error message pops up and to see if the fuse is open in  the XBP itself.  Replace necessary equipment.
If any of these issues persists, perform a UPS firmware upgrade to the latest firmware revision available in FA279197 .

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