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My Extended Warranty Registration has failed, what do I do next?

After entering the "APC Registration Key" and "APC Service Serial Number" on our Warranty Registrations Web page and you come across the following error:

"Error: Invalid APC Registration key number or invalid APC service serial number".

Please contact our Customer Care Center teams either by phone or through our web form found under "support / contact us / email" on our web site.

When speaking to a Customer Service Agent or when completing the web form please provide the following:
1. Name:
2. Email:
3. Phone Number:
4. Company name (if any):
5. Address:
6. Service Registration Key Number (from box):
7. Service Serial Number (from box):
8. Service Description (from box):
9. Serial Number of unit to which the Extended Warranty is to be applied:
10. Model Number of unit to which the Extended Warranty is to be applied:
11. Purchase date.
12. Where possible, please provide a screen shot showing the fault / error encountered.

Once all these details are provided to our Customer Care Team, we will validate and process the registration manually. Once complete we will forward the Warranty Certificate to you at the email provided.

APC by Schneider Electric apologizes for any inconvenience this has caused and are doing everything to ensure the warranty registration process is working as seamlessly as possible. 


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