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PowerChute Network Shutdown help does not open correctly in IE11

Issue: PowerChute Network Shutdown help does not open correctly in IE11

Product Line: PowerChute Network Shutdown v4.2

Environment: Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11)

Cause: This issue occurs when the IE11 Internet Options > Security levels are set to a level above Medium.

PowerChute Network Shutdown help topics may not open correctly in IE11. When you click on a help link, the help topic opens in a new browser tab. If you visit a subsequent page in PowerChute and click on another help link, a blank tab opens, but the help topic opens in the existing browser tab. You must manually close the blank tab opened by PowerChute to allow any subsequent help tabs to be opened.


To resolve the issue, add PowerChute Network Shutdown to the trusted sites list:
  1. In IE11, go to Internet Options > Security and select the Trusted Sites icon.
  2. Click the Sites button.
  3. Enter the URL or IP address of the PowerChute installation and click Add to add PowerChute to the trusted sites zone.
  4. Ensure that the security level for the Trusted Site zone is set to Medium.

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