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How to stop emails for a specific sensors threshold?


How to stop emails for a specific sensors threshold?

Product Line:

Netbotz Appliance


Netbotz Appliance Version


From time to time we may need to stop notification for a given threshold due to maintenance on other data center equipment. This article explains how to turn off email notification for a specific threshold.


In this scenario, the steps outlined below will explain how to turn off email notification for a temperature sensor directly connect to the integrated sensor pod. These step can be easy modified for a different threshold, sensor or sensor pod.

1. Launch Advance View and log into the NetBotz in question

2. Once the application loads, click on Configuration between History View and About

3. Double Click on the Sensor Pod icon within the Pod/Sensor Settings

4. Select "Sensor Pod (integrated)" and click Sensors (this window is where you can choose a different sensor pod)

5. Locate the "Temperature" or the assigned named to the temperature probe

6. Click "edit" located in the bottom left of the window.

7. Uncheck the option for "Enabled" to disable email notification.

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