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How do I upgrade the PowerChute Network Shutdown (PCNS) Virtual Appliance?

To upgrade the PCNS Virtual Appliance, you do not need to deploy a new copy of the Appliance and run the Setup Wizard; however, we recommend doing so. New releases not only include updates to PowerChute but also includes updates to the OS, or new version of OS.

If you decide to upgrade, you can now upgrade the version of PCNS running on the Virtual Appliance using the ESXi installation files: This method will retain your existing configuration settings.

Download the latest version of the PCNS for VMware ESXi installation file to your PC. For example, the ESXi installation file for v4.4.1 is available from the link below:

NOTE: Starting with the release of PowerChute Network Shutdown, version 4.3, the application is 64-bit. You cannot upgrade a 32-bit version of PowerChute with a 64-bit version.

Login to the Virtual Appliance console as the root user using PuTTY or another SSH Client; If you cannot log in using SSH, please review FA222181.
In the console, create a temporary directory, for example, /opt/temp

sudo mkdir /opt/temp
change directory to /opt the command is cd /opt
Verify the permission on the temp directory. the command is ls -la
The temp directory should have the permissions of rwxr-xr-x

Copy the previously downloaded installation file from your local PC to the temporary directory using WinSCP or other FTP/SCP program, ensuring the user is root.
In the console, change to the temporary directory and uncompress the installation file

from /opt/temp run these commands
gunzip pcns441ESXi.tar.gz
tar -xvf pcns441ESXi.tar

This will create a new directory called ESXi, so change to this directory

cd ESXi

Run the installation script and follow the instructions:

sudo ./install_en.sh

Once the upgrade has been completed, reboot the PowerChute Virtual Appliance.
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